Who are our partners?

It has taken time to forge these relationships and build a structure with one person in mind-YOU. We work closely with several independent firms to provide a set of checks and balances to best serve you and provide personalized advice.

Financial, Tax & Wealth Transfer Planning

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  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Legacy Planning

Investment Selection & Management

First Ascent Asset Managment

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Independent Custodians

First Ascent Asset Managment

Independent Oversight

First Ascent Asset Managment

Where are we?

What to bring?

  • Completed Viquity Asset Management Financial Fact Finder
  • Most recent investment statements
  • Most recent federal tax return
  • Questions and concerns you would like to discuss

Common Questions

  • How do I take income from my 401(k) investments?
  • Am I on the right track with my investment strategy? Could I lose big if another 2008 market crash happens?
  • What are my options for saving on taxes? How do I limit the taxes my heirs will pay?
  • How do I create more tax-free income in retirement?
  • Should I consolidate my 401(k) plans? How do I best diversify them?
  • How can I protect a portion of my money and still earn a respectable return?
  • What kind of planning can I do to avoid becoming a burden on my family?
  • How should I integrate my tax, investment and estate planning into one coordinated plan?